Most of our products are made from polyurethane. Our polyurethane is a material that is performance-enhanced by our unique blend. It combines raw materials which are naturally high-performance compared to rubber and vinyl chloride, and bring out maximum durability, lightness, and flexibility.


Our silicone has strong physical strength, heat-resistance and high workability regarding specific solvents, and is uniquely blended and produced in response to the demands of our customers.

CSM (Chlorosulfonated polyethylene)

This is a material that was developed in order to meet the needs of customers using indefinite solvents like sulfuric acid. In order to respond to the needs of places which use indefinite solvents, we produce a unique material of which we have researched the softness, thickness and physical strength.


This is a material that was developed in order to implement the advanced chemical protection level conforming to the anti-permeability ability of JIS8030 chemical protective clothing for vaporized solvents. It is a material that was completed through a joint development between our company’s technology and cooperating businesses.

Inner Lining

  • Conductive Fibers

    ndicates conductive fibers weaved into the glove lining.

  • Bore-texture

    Indicates a strongly insulated inner with a pleasant texture inside the glove (bore).

  • Napped

    Indicates a nap raising with a strongly insulated inner.


  • Courrugated Type

    Indicates waved roughness for powerful gripping power on the outside of the glove.

  • Granulated Type

    Indicates grained roughness for gripping power on the outside of the glove.

  • Non-bleed Type

    Indicates gloves with zero oil composition in order to avoid seepage. With these gloves, any effects from handling metal coating are minimized.

Inner and Liner Indicates fabric portions of our fabric gloves. Fabric gloves are pleasant to wear and absorb sweat. Furthermore, the addition of fabric strengthens glove structure. The inner and liner on our fabric gloves, unless indicated otherwise, are 100% cotton.
Powder Free Indicates that powder has not been utilized during the manufacturing process. All of our products are powder free, rather than clean pack.