• Q What is DAILOVE?

    The DAILOVE is gloves brand for commercial and industrial to deploy DIA RUBBER CO.,LTD.
    Founded in 1961. Since its inception, it has won the trust and support from many customers. Now also producing a high-quality product.

  • Q Expiration date is how much?

    Storage situation of gloves (temperature, humidity, light, etc.) by different.
    ●Solvent gloves (made of urethane): 3 years ●Winter gloves · CSM gloves: 5 years ●For cold weather gloves: 5 years (※ DAILOVE 108 is three years) ●Silicone gloves: 5 years ●Fluorine rubber gloves: 5 years

  • Q The dimensions of the gloves?

    There is a description of the dimension table to each product page.

  • Q There is any product category?

    DAILOVE product is for cold weather gloves, heat-resistant gloves, gloves for solvent resistance, Antistatic gloves, oil gloves, anti-transparent gloves, acid-alkali resistant gloves, eight categories of the glove box for gloves. Products are about 60 types. Please choose according to the application and purpose.

  • Q Sample of the product is?

    Please send mail from Contact Us Web site.

  • Q Continuous work possible time of gloves?

    I do not know unconditionally from the effects of solvents and work environment. However, to stop use immediately when there is a accident on the gloves.