DAILOVE 240-33

33cm gloves of DAILOVE240.
※ S and M is 31cm.

○It is suitable for long-term work in the lightweight.
○Because it does not rubber-specific odor you accustomed to comfortably use.
○Oil not harder attached, so there is nothing to elute physical properties can be used long term without lowering.
○You can marinate work in oil.
○It is with particulate slip.

Because it does not have very lightly of rubber peculiar smell, long comfortable-to-use.
Oil resistance, and excellent mechanical strength. Suitable for work narrowing immersed in oil.
Strengthen the grip in the form of particles of non-slip. Improved workability.
Since covering the arm can work safely.

Example of use

◯Because of excellent oil resistance suitable for machine work and repair work.
◯Disinfection work
◯Use the archaeological work is excellent in flexibility and lightweight.

  • Printing

  • Civil engineering

  • Machine

  • Farm・gardening

  • Oil

  • Dipping


  • Ambient temperature

    Normal temperature

  • Material


  • Primary use

    Equipment parts cleaning
    Pesticide spraying

  • Category classification

    Oil and Organic Solvent

  • Material


  • type


  • size


  • The thickness


  • Caliber


  • Surface shape


  • color


  • Price / double


  • Packaging

    Inner box:10Phase
    Outer case:10Phase×5box

Product dimension

size A B C D E F
L: 330 133 123 81 39 116

■C is measuring the position of about 20cm from the middle finger destination.
■F shows around the palm of the hand.
■E the thickness of the fingers. Near the center of the finger.
■B, C, E, the dimensions of the F numerical was flattened to the site.
■may vary with the above dimensions for improvement.
■Unit (mm) Display

Notes on use

■Sharp objects, be careful not to scratch the gloves, such as cutlery.

■When the glove touches the coated surface, it is possible to generate a cissing some paints.