Heat-resistant glove with inner dust suppression material.

○To 200 of ℃ of heat is transferred about 15 seconds (our research)
○Food Sanitation Law on
○Silicone is physiologically inert
○Suppression of dust in the special processing
○Completely waterproof
*Not suitable for rough work,such as welding and fire departments.

Use a special rubber or inner. It takes about 15 seconds to feel the heat.
Physiologically use inert material. There is a high level of safety for use in the food industry.
It suppresses the mixing of foreign matter by dust suppression processing. Suitable for use in environments where dust is repellent.

Example of use

○200 ℃ Suitable for handling of the following high-temperature materials.
○High temperature of food handling.
○Handling of liquefied gas such as liquid nitrogen.
○Handling of the high temperature of the semiconductor manufacturing site.
○Touch the semiconductor work.
○Handling of the high temperature of in a clean room.

  • Food

  • Low temperature

  • High temperature

  • Precision machinery

  • Physics and chemistry


  • Ambient temperature

    Low temperature
    Normal temperature
    High temperature

  • Material


  • Primary use

    Handle food
    Dealing with dry ice
    Dealing with liquid nitrogen
    Clean room
    With the hot stuff
    Sterilization (autoclave)
    Hot water and steam work
    Safety measure

  • Category classification

    Heat and Cold

  • Material

    lining:Synthetic fibers
    Inner:Thermal insulation

  • type

    Dust suppression

  • size


  • The thickness


  • Caliber


  • Surface shape


  • color


  • Price / double


  • Packaging

    Inner box:1Phase
    Outer case;25Phase

Product dimension

S 270 130 115 70 38 111
L 270 137 127 76 43 130
LL 280 139 127 79 50 139

  • ■C is measuring the position of about 20cm from the middle finger destination.
  • ■F shows around the palm of the hand.
  • ■E the thickness of the fingers. Near the center of the finger.
  • ■B, C, E, the dimensions of the F numerical was flattened to the site.
  • ■may vary with the above dimensions for improvement.
  • ■Unit (mm) Display

Notes on use

■In our test you feel hot in when touched to the weight 1kg of iron mass was heated to 200 ℃ about 15 seconds.However is a standard there are individual differences in sensory temperature.High temperature work is dangerous.If you feel hot,discontinue use.Since there are 100 ℃ danger of even low-temperature burns following the occasion of long-term use to note.
■The silicone is a flame retardant,but does not close the gloves to open fire.
■Not be used for a long period of time of oil work.
■When used in 200 ℃ or more,deterioration is accelerated.If you want to use, it is determined on its own.
■Do not use at -60 ℃ or less.
■It notes that the liquid is likely to slip to adhere.
■Not to scratch the gloves in the projections and cutlery.
■Liquid is prevented from adhering to the medium glove insulation material.Deterioration is accelerated.
■Because there is a risk of burns, do not use the medium gloves wet with water.Medium gloves can not be detached.
■Do not wash. Medium gloves because of the dry and hard structure.