Enhanced mechanical strength using woolly nylon lining.

○Gloves that combines ESD protection
○Electrical resistance value is103-107Ω
○Compared with the DAILOVE300 and 330 Excellent mechanical low intensity.
○There are solvent resistance.
*In gloves single, static electricity measures impossible. Clothes, shoes, when you use the Static Control Products relates to a floor gloves effective match.

In particular, the mechanical strength also in excellent DAILOVE 300 series in the mechanical strength is high electrostatic measures gloves.
There is also a solvent resistance. Using a special urethane rubber which gave conductivity. Possible countermeasure against static electricity.
By missing on the ground through a glove, removing the static electricity accumulated in the contact material.

Example of use

○Work and dealing with a flammable solvent, Suitable for use in the field you are affected by the static electricity.
○Wiping of dirt, such as printing equipment.
○Shatterproof when handling solvents.
○Shatterproof of the solvent in the coating industry.
○Handling of products that hate the generation of static electricity, such as a semiconductor.
○Tasks that you need to immerse the hand in a solvent parts washing or the like.

  • Static electricity

  • Printing

  • Precision machinery

  • Machine

  • Shatter-proof

  • Oil

  • Dipping


  • Ambient temperature

    Normal temperature

  • Material


  • Primary use

    Machine parts cleaning
    Work in the solvent
    Shatterproof solvent
    Safety measure
    Immersed in disinfectant

  • Category classification

    Electro-static Discharge and Solvent

  • Material

    lining:Woolly nylon+Conduction

  • type


  • size


  • The thickness


  • Caliber


  • Surface shape


  • color


  • Price / double


  • Packaging

    Inner box:10Phase
    Outer case:10Phase×5box

Product dimension

size A B C D E F
Lw 260 138 125 82 41 119
LL 260 139 125 83 41 132

■C is measuring the position of about 20cm from the middle finger destination.
■F shows around the palm of the hand.
■E the thickness of the fingers. Near the center of the finger.
■B, C, E, the dimensions of the F numerical was flattened to the site.
■may vary with the above dimensions for improvement.
■Unit (mm) Display

Notes on use

■Only gloves there is no effect of the ground wire. It requires comprehensive static measures, including clothes, shoes, floor and the like. Not used in a state where the glove is insulated.
■Handled substance and (oil, solvents, paints, etc.) is attached to the gloves, the electrical resistance value will vary. The oil and solvents may not energized to leave soaked in gloves. To verify that the electrical resistance during use and prior to use is within the specified range.
■If the gloves are not energized contaminated with oil or solvents are not used.
■If it is swollen with an organic solvent or the like, since the general resistance value tends to fluctuate attention.
■Because of the risk of ignition, do not close the gloves on fire after handling flammable substances.
■Because of the risk of electric shock, do not use the electrical work.
■Our test data is at room temperature, test data in a single solvent. By the environment and the work that you want to use, performance will vary.
■Solvents and chemicals that can be dealt with by product is different. SDS of solvents and chemicals used the (safety data sheet) to check the ingredients. To confirm whether or not to use in the service agent area swelling capacity table.
■Not be used for acids and alkalis.
■Transmission at gas shape can not be prevented. Applying a protective cream. Gloves for the transparent protection (DAILOVET2-D, T2-F, 730) should be worn. To provide protection of the hand from the permeate.
■After using the oil or solvent may gas evaporated from the glove when left in a room is filled. Store from dried.
■After use to shade to wash the dirt and liquid. A long period of time, deterioration is accelerated and allowed to stand in the sun. By thoroughly dried, store in well-ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.